Networking & Supporting Women Business Owners Worldwide

Millionaires of Faith was founded in 2007 to support women in the STEM industries.We wanted a safe place for high earning women to network and support each other in the workplace.Realizing the need for a network that supported women in all types of industries M.O.F opened its network to high earning women and business owners.Our network values the privacy of each individual and background checks are performed on all members. M.O.F continues to support GREW our non-profit that helps fund and provide classes for start-ups and women entering certain job related fields .




As some of you may be aware we have purchased the building across from our tutoring center in Henderson Nevada. To accommodate the growing number of requests we have had each year, we will now hold our 2018 4TH ANNUAL WOMEN IN BUSINESS LUNCHEON in our new facility. Last year we packed 300 hundred women into a space with pop-shops and awesome shows but next year we’re doing things “our way”. The new 6000sqft building will allow us to hold not only our luncheon here but our Designers Showcase in September 2018 of which we are excited about. We want to take time to thank architectural designer Toui Kapp for her hard and persistent work ethic. Toui happens to be a member of M.O.F

We want to take time to thank all our future exhibitors and our guests .The schedule for our Exhibit Luncheon and Evening Gala is as follows:

May 3rd - Business Exhibits

May 4th -Luncheon & Award Ceremony

May 5th - Black Tie Gala

Our events will be held at our Henderson , Nevada Event Center.

For more details please contact me Anise Tome -



Millionaires of Faith MEDIA 7 INC

We want to thank all our members for being retroactive in the purchase of our latest project.We have now selected our media specialists to work on our magazine and our new network.The M.O.F. Media 7 office headquarters will be in San Jose CA . We want to thank all who volunteered to be a part of this awesome venture and lend their talents and time to our new venture. As we work to complete minor details and certify our volunteers we will no longer publish our newsletter until the release of our magazine publication.

Millionaires of Faith 2018 Science Fair

We will be hosting our first National Science Fair on 13th-15th April 2018 in Miami FL. The fair is opened for girls ages from 8yrs -18yrs .Please contact to request an entrance form.If you are a member of our network please sign in and fill out an application form to enter.

Anna Paola School of Forensic Sciences

We want to thank our Administration for their hard-work and dedication to get our school off the ground . We had such an immense interest when we announced our opening that it was hard to select everyone.We have mailed out acceptance letters to all our prospective students and we ask that we hear from you by 12th May 2018.Our  classes will commence on Monday September 3rd 2018.

Congratulations to all the young women who have been accepted.We look forward to all the STEM girls !!!

V.T.Williams Founder Millionaires of Faith  

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We are WIRED - Women In Revival,Evangelism and Deliverance.

Our missionaries this year will take us to 10 countries.Last year was so much fun as we watched the lives of our missionaries change as well as the people we served.This year our mission continues as we not only spread the message of love and support for women everywhere that have been affected by domestic violence and poverty.We continue to bring the word of God in so many forms, music , drama, song and the word.

Countries we will visit :

Lesotho - Kenya- Iran- Egypt-India-Germany-Russia-Philippines-Jamaica The conference will end in Oahu HI on August 21st 2018

This year you will be able to join us at any stage of the trip.If you are a member please log in to your account and sign up.We will be opening the event and conference information to the public February 28 2018.We look forward to seeing everyone there !!!!

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