"Success occurs when we shift our efforts from making a million dollars to helping a million people" 


Our network consists of women who have made the “million-dollar mark”annually. We network and connect on various programs to assist other women in business. Our Christian based values and exceptional business aptitudes distinguish us in our social elements. We are here to LEAD.CONNECT. SERVE our communities. Most of the women in our program are STEM individuals, women who come from the Science -Technology- Engineering- Mathematical industries.

M.O.F has recently expanded membership invites to women outside the STEM industries and we are excited for the growth and knowledge that has been added. Requesting membership to our community requires that a prospective member submits to a background test to safeguard the privacy of our members. ALL our prospective members must be willing to undergo a screening and a telephone interview before being accepted into our community. If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out our interest form. Typical response time is 1-3 business days.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to having you join our community.

Raina Hernandez -


On behalf of all the members of our networks G.R.E.W. & M.O.F we would like to wish all our partners and associates a Fantastic Christmas and a Wonderful 2018




As some of you may be aware we have purchased the building across from our tutoring center in Henderson Nevada. To accommodate the growing number of requests we have had each year, we will now hold our 2018 4TH ANNUAL WOMEN IN BUSINESS LUNCHEON in our new facility. Last year we packed 300 hundred women into a space with pop-shops and awesome shows but next year we’re doing things “our way”. The new 6000sqft building will allow us to hold not only our luncheon here but our Designers Showcase in September 2018 of which we are excited about. We want to take time to thank architectural designer Toui Kapp for her hard and persistent work ethic. Toui happens to be a member of M.O.F

We want to take time to thank all our future exhibitors and our guests .The schedule for our Exhibit Luncheon and Evening Gala is as follows:

May 3rd - Business Exhibits

May 4th -Luncheon & Award Ceremony

May 5th - Black Tie Gala

Our events will be held at our Henderson , Nevada Event Center.

For more details please contact me Anise Tome -



Nobel Laureates Say Change Coming for Women in Sciences

A group of 2017 Nobel Laureates have addressed the lack of female representation in sciences ahead of the prize-awarding ceremony in Stockholm.

The seven winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry and Economic Sciences - all white men - said change is happening.

Jacques Dubochet, who won the chemistry prize, told reporters: "Science has been made by males, for males. It is changing, it takes time, but you will see it, they (women in science) are coming."

Physicist Kip Thorne pointed to the increase in the number of women entering undergraduate programs in sciences today compared to when he was a student.

He said Thursday: "Change is coming, but there is a long delay between entering freshman and the Nobel prize."


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Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Thank you once again to all our members who donated so generously this year.We will continue to distribute our toys to the charities that have been chosen by state. We are still looking for volunteers for our ATL drive and distribution.Please contact to volunteer.

Lea Anitto Atlanta Office






COMING SOON **We are excited to introduce our Marketplace - Support each other by selling and buying products from our network members.

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