International Women’s Day

We want to take the time to wish all our network members from GREW and MOF a powerful Women’s Day. We applaud you and want to acknowledge what awesome job you do as women.We want to take the time to share some nuggets of wisdom that was dropped in our inbox this morning by our Development Director Zuriah Mohan.

  1. Be encouraging ALWAYS – even when someone has a negative approach your response should be a solution.
  2. Do not be OVERBEARING – take responsibility for your flaws and develop an ear to listen before you speak
  3. 3.Do not speculate or ASSUME – take time to ask a billion questions before you come up with a conclusion, things are never as bad as they seem
  4. Walk away from DISSENT – sometimes no response and understanding your boundaries is important when it comes to saying NO I cannot accept this, this does not work for me.
  5. Understand you place in TIME – know you are important, a vital and intricate part to your community or family, you deserve the best . 
  6. Take time for YOU – take time to evaluate what you want, spend a little time by yourself each day with your thoughts.
  7. Celebrate your SUCCESSES – no matter how small, you have come a long way , you have done well and you will not be deterred.

Thank you Zuriah !!

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