Our Founders

V.T Williams
When I embarked on this journey I had no idea it would grow into such a large network.I wanted to create a place where women in STEM industries would come together and share ideas , uplift each other in their day to day struggles.I remember coming to this country and feeling like I could not find or connect with anyone of my peers.Over the last year or so we have seen the network reach over 1200 women internationally.We have helped 300 young women with college tutions.It has been an extraordinary journey with the women who have supported me . Never in a million years did I think I would be blessed enough to recount a young life so full of struggles and failures as a testimony of overcoming.Thank you to everyone who is part of this movement.
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Durriyah Khorikwala-Johnson
Vice President
I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the women of GREW and MOF.This journey has been eye opening and life changing .Being the mother of 2 young women , one who is college going I am so excited to bring my experiences both as a mother of a young women who is pr-med and a STEM women myself. When I was asked to join the organization as vice president I was amazed by the need for support women entering the STEM industry.Developing a business idea , failing countless times and encouragement is vital to women in our community.We continue to thank everyone who has made a difference in our organization and we are so very proud of you.

Our Board

Jenet Harrison
PhD Forensic Pathology Director of Harrison O Investments
Narissa Baliena
Assistant Chair
PhD Molecular Science Founder HDI Inc
Lori Anadile
Board Member
JD PhD Lecturer/Cir Court Judge
Angela McCormick
Board Member
PsyD Child Psychologist State of California
Fatima Haran
DBA Financial Planner Founder Zane Investments
Suri Yretlanko
DBA Business Administration & Forensic Accounting Langstrom Investigations

US Locations:

3800 E.Patrick Ln Las Vegas NV 89120 Admin:Raina Hernandez Programs Director:Lian Chung Events Coordinator:Anise Tome

South Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown Miami 33131 Admin:Helena Martinez Programs Director:Tricia Mendoza Events Coordinator:Anise Tome

International Locations

Africa-Admin:Novita Falim Seychelles Programs Director:Aoki Nerfai Ghana Events Coordinator:Gaiya Mthombeni

UK-Admin:Lisa Hennan Programs Director:Taylor Anderson Events Coordinator:Priya Kadrim




Andrea Leung
Owner Bio-Optic Company
Kristina Fan
Joanna Fields
Kimberly Jensen
Lynn Martin
Karen O'Connor
Maryse Gordon
Carolyn Harbaugh
Olivia Kelly
Christina Landry
Kristin Lyons